Kahurangi National Park, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand


Collingwood spans the earliest years of New Zealand colonialism, covering 160 years of history. The town was named after Admiral Nelson’s replacement, following his death at the Battle of Trafalgar, and was at one time planned from England as the capital of New Zealand. From the Little Slate valley where gold was first discovered, the coalmines at Ferntown and Mangarakau and the flax and hemp industries at Westhaven, the earliest settlers endured untold hardships to wrest a living from the thin soils of Golden Bay.

Today, life is easier. Milking cows dominate numerically over the traditional sheep, tourism flourishes and sealed roads extend to most of the bay. There are many workshops to browse – those of bone and wood carvers, jewellers, potters, and artists – as Golden Bay has historically attracted the talented and even some artisans here.

But, above all the rugged beauty is apparent everywhere.

The route to Patarau along the Westhaven Inlet must rank high amongst New Zealand’s scenic drives, spiced perhaps with a walk to Knuckle Hill to see Farewell Spit in the distance. Wharariki Beach is a legend, the baby seals ever entertaining, the cliff walk to Cape Farewell and Pillar Point Lighthouse just amazing.

The 6 1/2 hour trip to the Spit with Farewell Spit Eco Tours is always popular. There is boating from the ramp, fishing on the river or estuary. After the Heaphy Track, there are numerous day walks to try, or just a place to chill out for a few days…Collingwood is well worth a visit.

Weather Forecast for Collingwood

Forecast for Collingwood  Precip. Temp. Wind Speed
19.10.2019 05–06 Heavy rain showers 1 mm 12 °C Moderate breeze from North-northwest 7 m/s
06–12 Rain showers 2 mm 12 °C Moderate breeze from Northwest 8 m/s
12–18 Clear sky 0 mm 15 °C Moderate breeze from West 7 m/s
18–24 Partly cloudy 0 mm 17 °C Moderate breeze from West 6 m/s
20.10.2019 00–06 Partly cloudy 0 mm 12 °C Gentle breeze from West 5 m/s
06–12 Partly cloudy 0 mm 10 °C Gentle breeze from West 4 m/s
12–18 Fair 0 mm 15 °C Moderate breeze from West-northwest 7 m/s
18–24 Partly cloudy 0 mm 14 °C Moderate breeze from West 7 m/s
21.10.2019 00–06 Rain 2 mm 12 °C Gentle breeze from West-northwest 4 m/s
06–12 Rain showers 1 mm 12 °C Moderate breeze from West 6 m/s
12–18 Rain showers 1 mm 13 °C Fresh breeze from West 8 m/s
19–01 Partly cloudy 0 mm 12 °C Moderate breeze from West 6 m/s
Weather forecast from yr.no, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK.

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