Kahurangi National Park, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand

Kahurangi National Park Weather

The weather in Kahurangi National Park is quite changeable and the West Coast of the South Island can be wet at any time of year, so it is advisable to prepare for wet, windy and cold conditions, particularly in the sub-alpine areas of the track. Despite the changeability, trampers and MTBers often experience warm sunny weather as the region is also one of the sunniest in New Zealand.

Weather information at Bainham (closest weather station to the Heaphy Track)
  Average daily high temp Average daily low temp Average number of rainy days
January 22°C 11°C 11
February 23°C 11°C 9
March 20°C 9°C 10
April 18°C 7°C 12
May 16°C 4°C 13
June 14°C 2°C 13
July 13°C 1°C 13
August 14°C 3°C 14
September 15°C 5°C 14
October 17°C 6°C 15
November 19°C 8°C 13
December 21°C 10°C 12

Weather Forecast for Kahurangi National Park

Forecast for Kahurangi National Park  Precip. Temp. Wind Speed
21.02.2018 19–24 Rain showers <1 mm 10 °C Light breeze from North 3 m/s
22.02.2018 00–06 Light rain showers <1 mm 9 °C Light air from North-northeast 1 m/s
06–12 Rain 1 mm 8 °C Light breeze from East 2 m/s
12–18 Rain showers 1 mm 9 °C Light air from Southeast 1 m/s
18–24 Partly cloudy 0 mm 12 °C Light breeze from Southwest 2 m/s
23.02.2018 00–06 Partly cloudy 0 mm 6 °C Light air from West-northwest 1 m/s
06–12 Fair 0 mm 6 °C Light air from West-northwest 1 m/s
12–18 Partly cloudy 0 mm 13 °C Gentle breeze from West-southwest 4 m/s
18–24 Partly cloudy 0 mm 12 °C Gentle breeze from Southwest 4 m/s
Weather forecast from yr.no, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK.

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